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Customer Complaint of the Year

It takes a brave, brave soul to come through a bad experience with a company and still be able to have a sense of humor.  This is a letter sent by a customer of Continental Airlines detailing his terrible experience on one of their flights.  He even drew illustrations to help him make his point!  Next time you’re on a flight, stuck behind a crying baby consider that it could be oh, so much worse:



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You know you’re flying “no frills” when…

  • They don’t sell tickets, they sell chances.
  • All the insurance machines in the terminal are sold out.
  • Before the flight, the passengers get together and elect a pilot.
  • You cannot board the plane unless you have the exact change.
  • Before you took off, the stewardess tells you to fasten your Velcro.
  • The Captain asks all the passengers to chip in a little for gas.
  • When they pull the steps away, the plane starts rocking.
  • The Captain yells at the ground crew to get the cows off the runway.
  • You ask the Captain how often their planes crash and he sez, “Just once.”
  • No movie. Don’t need one. Your life keeps flashing before your eyes.
  • You see a man with a gun, but he’s demanding to be let off the plane.
  • All the planes have both a bathroom and a chapel.

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